aQuellé Tour Durban road closures

Smith in for exciting weekend at Tour Durban
Cycling world abuzz ahead of aQuellé Tour Durban
Smith in for exciting weekend at Tour Durban
Cycling world abuzz ahead of aQuellé Tour Durban

aQuellé Tour Durban road closures

To ensure the safety of all the participants in the aQuellé Tour Durban cycle races on Sunday 11 September, the organisers and the city traffic officials will enforce full closure of a number of roads in the greater eThekwini region. The carefully managed road closures are designed to minimise inconvenience to local residents, and all roads will be reopened once the safety team has confirmed that the last cyclist has cleared the sector involved.

As has been the case in the past, the patience and understanding of all residents in the city is greatly appreciated by the race organisers, the participants, the sponsors and supporters of the event, and the Pedal Power Associations #StayWiderOfTheRider campaign.

Sunday 11 September 2022
aQuellé Tour Durban road closures:

Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) – Southbound Carriageway: 05h00 -13h00
Margaret Mncadi Ave: 06h30-09h30
M4 North from Durban Country Club to Umdloti Bridge – both directions – 05h00 -12h00
M4 North from Umdloti Bridge to Desainagar Circle – both directions – 06h00 – 08h15
M7 Edwin Swales & M19 to Pinetown: 07h00-10h30
M13 Pinetown to 45th Cutting/N3 contraflow: 07h30-11h00
N3 contraflow: 08h00-11h15
N3 to Monty Naicker Road (old Pine Street): 08h00-11h15

Race Routes
106 km

Starting outside the Moses Mabhida Stadium Peoples Park on Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) northbound.
Turn right up on Isaiah Ntshangase Road (at Durban Country Club)
Turn left up on Ruth First M4 northbound & continue northbound.
After the Sibaya Circle, cyclists will continue to the Umdloti turnoff.
Proceed along the M4 in a northerly direction and cross over the river and climb up to Desainagar Circle (first traffic circle after Umdloti turnoff)
At Desainagar Circle, make a 180 degree turn to start heading back towards Durban on the M4 south bound
Proceed south on the M4, passing the Umdloti turnoff and then through the Sibaya Circle by the BP Petrol Filling Station, proceeding south on the M4, passing the La Lucia offramp, Glenashley offramp and the Virginia offramp.
Proceed along the M4 South and through the Argyle Road intersection proceeding straight along Florence Nzama Street and carry on straight into Cato Street and make a right turn into Margaret Mncadi Street (old Victoria Embankment)
Progress along Margaret Mncadi Street until the M4 South bound carriageway and join the M4 South heading in a southerly direction
Take the Solomon Mahlangu turnoff and join the M7 extension heading towards the N2
Pass under the N2 and continue along the M7 through to Pinetown
From the M7 at the St Johns Bridge in Pinetown, make a right turn onto the M13 towards Durban (contraflow)
Travel along the M13 passing Westville and through 45th Cutting until the intersection with the N3 at Sherwood and make a left turn onto the N3 toward Durban (contraflow)
Proceed along the N3 onto Monty Naicker Road (old Pine Street) until the intersection with Masabalala Yengwa (NMR)
Left turn into Masabalala Yengwa and proceed straight to finish outside Moses Mabhida Stadiums Peoples Park heading in a northerly direction.

90 and 45 km
Start on Masabalala Yengwa Ave (old NMR Ave) in northerly direction and make right turn at intersection to go past Durban Country Club
Merge onto the M4 Northbound and head towards Umdloti
Remain on M4 Northbound and travel past Durban North, Glanashley, La Lucia and Umhlanga Rocks
Remain on M4 Northbound and travel through traffic circle at Sibaya
At Umdloti Bridge, make a 180 Degree turn at demarcated turn point on M4 and stay on M4 Southbound in the direction of Durban
Remain on the M4 Southbound until intersection with Sandlile Thusi (old Argyle Road)
Right turn onto Sandile Thusi and cross over Masabalala Yengwa Ave (old NMR Ave)
Right turn at onramp onto Masababala Yengwa Ave and finish outside Moses Mabhida Stadium in northerly direction.