Van de Winkel shines bright at aQuellé Tour Durban

Tour Durban 2023 delivers once again
Post Event Message from the Race Director
Tour Durban 2023 delivers once again
Post Event Message from the Race Director

Van de Winkel shines bright at aQuellé Tour Durban

DURBAN – As Joanna van de Winkel basks in the glory of her impressive weekend victories at the aQuellé Tour Durban and aQuellé Tour Durban MTB powered by Cycle Lab, the provisional and secondary race results have been verified.

The big individual winner of the weekend was without doubt Cycle Nation’s Hillcrest-based star Van de Winkel, who secured victory in Saturday’s MTB race and then went on to defend her women’s title in the road race on Sunday as well.

Her teammate Bridget Theunissen was runner up in the MTB, with young Errin Mackridge showing her versatility by following up her MTB third with a second in the road race.

On the men’s side, DriveTrain Academy’s Daniel van der Watt and Ivan Harkema of Officeguru Racing were the two riders who emerged as the champions in the MTB and road race respectively, with an impressive showing from veteran Andrew Hill allowing him to finish second in the off-road event, while Brent Yelland followed up his third place on Saturday by narrowly finishing second on the sprint in the road race.

Other winners in the 110km road race were also verified with the two main protagonists for the win also dominating the points competitions and sharing the titles in the inaugural CMH Renault Ballito King of the Mountain and Magnite Sprint by CMH Nissan Ballito.

Overall runner-up Yelland claimed the KOM title with 54 points from fourth, third and second positions at the three KOM timing points to beat the race winner by three points in total. However, Harkema reversed that in the sprint event with a third, first and second giving him 57 sprint points – two ahead of Yelland.

In the six-person Gooderson Leisure Team Race, Team Bio (comprising Darryl Sloan, Peter Comrie, Jason Lowe, Angus Mcfarlane, Byron Cochran Bonfas and Mbuso Mhlongo) took overall honours while the Suicide Squad team (Darren Park, Justine Schultz, Amanda Wray, Justin Kirby, Alain Marcon and Stuart Singleton) won the mixed category.

In the Gooderson Leisure Team Race lucky draw competition, the ECCC Malutians team (Shaun Robinson, Leon Andrew Kudla, Grant Adlam, Roshan Nemchund, Robert Phillips and Philippus Zwart) were the winners. All six members have each won a voucher for one family room accommodating two adults and two children for two nights (including breakfast) at Gooderson Monks Cowl Golf Resort.


40km MTB
1 Daniel Van Der Watt 1:25:55
2 Andrew Hill 1:28:13
3 Brent Yelland 1:30:18
4 Joshua Paul 1:30:20
5 Tayne Rudling 1:31:10
1 Joanna Van De Winkel 1:36:21
2 Bridget Theunissen 1:46:45
3 Errin Mackridge 1:50:00

110km Road Race
1 Ivan Harkema 2:40:55
2 Brent Yelland 2:40:55
3 Michael Rowland 2:40:58
4 Emile Van Niekerk 2:42:28
5 Miles Liebenberg 2:42:28
6 Warren Moolman 2:42:31
7 Josh Rheeders 2:42:45
8 Oliver Williams 2:44:37
9 Cameron Wright 2:44:37
10 Joshua Paul 2:44:38
1 Joanna Van De Winkel 2:44:41
2 Errin Mackridge 2:52:47
3 Kadence Leigh Ribbink 3:00:17

CMH Renault Ballito King Of The Mountain
1 Brent Yelland 54pts
2 Ivan Harkema 51
3 Michael Rowland 50
4 Josh Rheeders 46
5 Warren Moolman 44

Magnite Sprint by CMH Nissan Ballito
1 Ivan Harkema 57
2 Brent Yelland 55
3 Michael Rowland 48
4 Shaun Scott 43
5 Josh Rheeders 42

Full results at FinishTIme