For two decades, the dedicated community development teams in The Domino Foundation’s seven programmes have been impacting thousands of vulnerable lives to bring about sustainable social change, which they refer to as the #dominoeffect from Cradle to Career.

Domino’s Babies’ Home is a place of safety and love for orphaned and abandoned children while they await reunifiction with their biological families or joining their adoptive ‘forever’ families.

Creche owners and pre-schoolers are trained for effective school-readiness foundation phase education through the Early Childhood Development Programme and the Life Skills Youth Mentors come alongside pre-adolescent primary school learners in the journey of making wise values-based lifestyle choices and decisions.

The Nutrition Programme operates three kitchens to produce thousands of high-protein sandwiches, helpings of soup and porridge (called “food for thought”) which go to learners who would otherwise not have a sustaining meal during their school day.

Skills Development guides school leavers through the challenging terrain of choosing a career path, applying for bursaries and places in tertiary education as well as developing those with artisan, enterprising and entrepreneurial skills.

The Red Light Programme embraces the challenge of human-trafficking through its Reach Out, Restore and Release Initiatives to help trafficking survivors navigate their redemptive journey into wholeness and readiness to enter society free of the chains of injustice.

Natural and man-made catastrophes and emergencies have seen the Disaster Response Unit an effective part of first responder efforts for KZN and eThekwini Disaster Response. Mitigation and preparedness initiatives to create resilient communities who able to reduce the devastating impact of these disasters when they happen.

Now that gives you several reasons to run and #Ride4Good in the aQuellé Tour Durban 2024 event. You can change a life and change a community!

By participating you are playing your part in the #DominoEffect! All proceeds from the event go directly to The Domino Foundation and increasing the collective impact into mercy, justice and empowerment activities.

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