Training Programmes

If you've set yourself the challenge of the aQuelle Tour Durban but are relatively new to cycling, have never followed a structured training plan or its been a few years since you last turned your pedals, then you'll find these training programs compiled by Cycle Lab in conjunction with The Threshold a great help. The Threshold have put together 8 week, 6 week and 4 week training programs to get you in shape for the aQuelle Tour Durban.

So if you are new to cycling or trying to crack a sub 3 hour 100km, then you will find these FREE Training Programs a great training tool. All of them are based on Rate of Perceived Exertion so you don’t have to have a training device to be able to follow them.

Select the link to the FREE aQuelle Tour Durban Threshold Training Programs HERE.

Starting Out?

At the very least you'll need a reliable and roadworthy bike. If you've already got a bike , but it has sat unloved in the garage for a while, book it into your local bike shop for a check over and service.

Before you start here are a few cycling tips to take note of:
1. Alway wear a helmet when cycling
2. Always use lights front and rear if training in the dark.
3. Obey the rules of the road while training.

Spares to carry on your bike during training and race day:
1. Spare tubes
2. Pump
3. Tyre levers
4. Multi tool
5. Chain breaker and speed links

Checklist for Race Day

Pack your bag the night before so you don't forget anything.

1. Race Number
2. Waterbottles
3. Energy Gels
4. Sunscreen
5. Spare Tubes and Pump
6. Shoes
7. Helmet
8. Gloves

Make sure you leave home early to get to the start on time. Traffic is always slow on race morning due to race road closures.