Frequently asked Questions


Is this a timed ride?

No, this is you (and a small group perhaps) riding on your own, partly to keep the spirit of the aQuellé TOur Durban alive, but also to keep up our support for The Domino Foundation. You can do it any way you want to. Many people will arrange a ride that corresponds to the distance they would have chosen at the actual aQuellé Tour Durban (MTB: 25 or 48km or road race: 45km 90km or 115km). Others will simply go out and ride whatever they feel like on the day.

Whats is on the live stream?

As we did under the early days of lockdown, people got used to riding their trainers, static bikes or bikes on rollers, with the TV on watching footage of their favourite ride. This is much the same. At 8am on Saturday we will put out on 90 minute live stream that offers a virtual MTB 25km ride, showing you the new EMBA routes around Mount Moreland. On Sunday at 8am we will stream a live video based on the 90km ride – two laps of the M4 coastal route. So if you want to do 45km then you stop after the first lap on the live stream!

The live stream will be on the aQuellé Tour Durban Facebook page and on the race website page : here

Do I get a medal?

No. There are no medals for the virtual ride. You get your personalised race number by email before the race. The cost of entry is a fraction of the cost of a normal race, because we are all doing this from home and not with the usual race services.

How do we get involved on the day?

Easy. Choose whether you are going on your own outride or staying in front of your live stream. Then post us your photos and comments on the Facebook and YouTube pages for everyone to see!

What distances can I ride?

Whatever you want to! Thats the beauty about a virtual mass ride. There is no timing or marshalling, or start and finish point. You can ride whatever distance you like. In fact you can do any form of exercise you like and still be part of the virtual aQuellé Tour Durban. No one is checking up on you. Some are planning yoga sessions in front of the TV, others are running on treadmills. Just be part of the fun.