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aQuellé Tour Durban

The new dates for the 2021 aQuellé Tour Durban - 27 and 28 November 2021 - have been well received, and we appreciate the enthusiasm and understanding in the riding community!

Remember we are planning on a field of 4000, of which 1292 are already entered by virtue of the fact that they entered last year's race and opted to carry their entry over to 2021. So that leaves only 2708 places available when entries open on 2 August.

The full list of entries carried over can be viewed HERE. If for whatever reason you want to change the event or distance that you have entered, you can e-mail  providing your name and surname and ID number and the distance to change to.

We continue to stay closely in touch with all the role players,  and it is encouraging to see so much shared optimism for the 2021 aQuellé Tour Durban.

By the end of November we should be well clear of the third wave and in a position to use the race as an opportunity to celebrate together - celebrate our health, the joy of riding our bikes on this glorious bit of coastline, celebrate the strength of our city and all it's communities. Celebrate getting through these tough times together!

In the meantime, stay safe and stay fit.

We will be in touch again shortly with more aQuellé Tour Durban updates.


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