Durban MTB fan keen to defeat his demons at Tour Durban MTB race

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Durban MTB fan keen to defeat his demons at Tour Durban MTB race

Avid Durban mountain biker Rob Knox has added his name to the entry list for the aQuellé Tour Durban MTB race powered by CycleLab on Saturday 10 September, keen to get the better of the race that left him in an ambulance last year.

Just minutes after leaving with his batch from the start outside Cornubia, Knox went down in a fleeting moment of contact with another rider.

“My front wheel clipped the rear wheel of a rider in front of me and I went down within a kilometre from the start,” recalls Knox. “I came to in the back of an ambulance with a paramedic moving his finger in front of my face wanting to know how many fingers he was moving!”

As a regular rider of the MTB variations of the aQuellé Tour Durban Knox says he has not been put off by his crash and is keen to renew his passion for the annual Tour Durban MTB ride.

“I’ve done five and really enjoyed them, except for last year’s event which I didn’t finish, and now I need to defeat my demons, as it sure blew my confidence to shreds,” he admits.

“I’ve stopped competing with the youngsters as there is no substitute for youth, but I will go out with the intention of enjoying the ride.

“Being outdoors and enjoying the technical aspects of off-road riding is what motivates me. I don’t think I’m able to break those personal records I set years ago, but I do enjoy the challenges that you’re faced with in these events,” said the 66 year old Sunningdale resident.

He is also keen to motivate fellow recreational riders to come out and make the most of the occasion.
“Enter the race even if you have no chance of winning it!” says Knox.

“You’re able to gauge your abilities against others in the same age band of yourself, as well as enjoy the friendships which grow between riders you meet, or help, or who help you if you have a mishap or mechanical.

“Mountain bikers are a friendly bunch and most have a similar outlook – to enjoy the day and the challenges out on the course,” he said.

The Saturday programme of 35km and 20km MTB races is held at Cornubia and the full programme of road races takes place the following day from the new race base at Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World.

Entries for the 2022 aQuellé Tour Durban are open