DCCI backs aQuellé Tour Durban - aQuellé Tour Durban

DCCI backs aQuellé Tour Durban

Hoffman wins fourth aQuellé Tour Durban title
aQuellé Tour Durban leaves community organisations smiling

DCCI backs aQuellé Tour Durban

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC believes events such as the aQuellé Tour Durban event
have the potential to create a multiplier effect through areas of employment, accommodation, restaurants
and catering right through to entertainment and tourism with the potential of boosting our local economy.
These sporting and recreational events bring the much-needed relief to business and assist towards
rebuilding our economy and preserving livelihoods. Sporting events benefit the local economy with respect
to employment, including casual jobs throughout the sporting activity in the city.

While the country is still battling with the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequences of the unrest, we need
to put our focus on the bigger picture of rebuilding our economy. As we head toward the busiest time of the
year in our city, our focus should be on our tourism sector, which has been suffering since the COVID-19
pandemic and it’s lockdown restrictions. The aQuellé Tour Durban has provide a networking and hospitality
opportunity contributing to the economic recovery of Durban.

CEO Palesa Phili